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I Hear My Friends

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

I Hear My Friends

It took me by surprise

to see her on the street

with another man

I did not want to meet.

But she saw me walking by.

She took me by the hand.

She showed me to her man

so I would understand

how he was dressed in white

and I was dressed in black.

How she had seen the light

How she would not look back

Then she held up her hand

to hide her eyes in shade,

just as I tried to see

how she was still afraid.

I hear my friends

and they’re all telling me

that everything’s OK

That I should let her be

That I was so enslaved

by wanting to be free,

I thought that love was blind.

But, love can see.

She read me like a book

a grocery story would sell.

She said— You’re looking good.

I said— How can you tell?

Her heart is like a bank.

My song is like a gun.

And I like to pretend

I can’t hurt anyone.

Yes, I like to pretend

I can’t hurt anyone.

February 16th, 1996 to

February 11th, 1997

Pine Flat, CA

lyrics © 1997 by David Nigel Lloyd

Music © 1996 Dave Soyars (BMI)

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