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There Goes The Neighborhood - Morning Jackhammers

Updated: Apr 25, 2022


Didn’t see quite how it all began – but I dreamed of how it would end

In the same place where I once felt free, surrounded by my family and friends

So who are the heroes of the tale that we find ourselves struggling to tell?

We saw the world there on its way

There was something – it was coming

Here it is!

And I know too well…


There’s something happening in the neighborhood

We’re making something and it sure feels good


So why don’t I feel like I should

Like I haven’t done all that I could?


When i go walking in my neighborhood

another Pinkberry just ain’t no good

our weirdo town is getting really strange

and now we know it’s time to rearrange

and when you’re walking to the taco stand

you’ll be surprised to find it’s vacant land


Never really thought I could dream this well when I looked to the center of the light

My story was a long, strange tale to tell

But it felt like it was over in a night

Didn’t seem too far heading line to line

When I allowed myself to think

Back when I thought of the world to come

Back when I was young I held my tongue

But the world was mine…


Bowl of Fuzzy Land of Space

Hyperion Dreams a place


So where were you when the plague hit town?

When the old money-grabbers first came ‘round?

Did you think about the mask you wore?

It changed the way I thought now I’m not quite sure


There it goes, there it goes…

Written by John Montgomery, Eric Potter, Laura Smith, and Dave Soyars

Produced by John Montgomery

(C) 2021 Loud and Wrong (ASCAP), John Montgomery (BMI - CAE# 923645), Dave Soyars (BMI)

From the album Loteria (ORG Music ORGM-222)

The poem excerpted at the end can be found here:

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