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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

We have lived this kind of lie before

And made it out to fight again

You held on with such a certainty

And the strength of several hundred men

But what is that now that you're sinking in?

You say it's mud from all the rain

There'll be no footsteps when it's washed away

The blood we shed will leave no stain

Feels like the world is watching-

Is there a chance that might be true?

'Cause someone's walked off with the spoils

I'm thinking that it might be you

We draw together here, but

In the world we make our way

Soon there'll be time to answer all the questions

Soon there'll be no reason to stay

Feels like the world is watching

Are they liking what they see?

Or are they only learning how to argue,

The way you finally got to me?

(C) Dave Soyars 2018 (BMI)

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