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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

I have no further interest in your schadenfreude

I know I've always been someone you'd rather avoid

So what made you think that I'd come back to scratch upon your door?

Yeah, I know we always had our battles - when did you start keeping score?

Cornered by the ceiling, cornered by the floor

Cornered by the circumstance, cornered at the door

Leave it near the handle of your iron gate

I'm sure you'll find someone else to tell you when you've done something great

I would have faced you straight on but you snuck out through the side

If we both have our reasons then we both sure have our pride

And you never will allow yourself to own up to the end

Just when you think it's gone for good it all comes up again

Cornered on the outside, cornered in the in,

Cornered at the end like you were cornered to begin

Leave it where you found it and don't speak another word

You've replied to what I'm saying but I'm not convinced you heard

Now I'm not here to tell you that you've done me wrong

You've had your hand in many places so much older than the song

Yeah I sang it in an instant - then I sang it all damned day

And now we're stuck with everything we think we can't unsay

Cornered in the alley, Cornered in the corn,

Cornered knowing I'm too late when I came here to warn

Leave it by the trees that float so free out near the back

To remind you that it's more than satisfaction that you lack

(C) 2020 Dave Soyars (BMI)

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