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In Between

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Was I left here at this station to wait for your arrival?

Because there’s not a life at stake it’s more than mere survival

To stand alone at the edge of things

That first caused me this fear

And it’s something that I need to fix

With you here or not here

God is near, the air is clean

In between the things we’ve seen

In between the words we mean

Are you happy here alone or is anyone invited

To talk to you and run you through what first got them excited?

To be a true companion

In a place that’s been laid waste

Or are you drawn by being gone,

Away from what you faced?

God is here, the air is still

In between the things we kill

In between the grey and green

(c) 2017 Dave Soyars Toomanyhatz Music (BMI)

Recording coming soon

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