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...But Not Dead

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

What was said

s'all I been told

- is this what made

my heart

Turn cold?

Sticks in minds better

Than pressed flow'rs in PAGES

I let go...

But only in STAGES.

She's a big part of me still - the mind always outlasts the will

This is the road that I'm on...

Parted...but not gone

You're not here to knock me down

Or to make a single sound

Forgiving not easily done by the weary -

I want to SHOUT!

...but hope you don't hear me

He speaks through me, who can know what hits the ground from below?

Breaks through the holes in the street...


Forgiving the shape that you find me in you sucked the poison from under my skin

a doctor to many you've places to be it's not

easy or quick healing me

Please stay with me till I'm well now that you know how I fell

Clear in our eyes when our eyes crossed

Searching...but not lost

You're the first to come so closely in, farther than they've ever been

You've seen me here in this bed...

Wounded...BUT NOT DEAD

(C) Dave Soyars/Toomanyhatz Music 1995

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